johncampbell1St Peter’s was opened in 1965 to serve the people of the greater Cloughreagh area. Since then the school has worked to meet the needs of all its pupils, providing them with an education which, while preparing them for secondary school, will remain with them for life.

We foster a practical approach to learning with an emphasis on choice and a belief in the importance of readiness.  Children develop at different stages and learn best when they are ready for a task.

In St Peter’s you will find that we encourage our pupils rather than praise them. Praise is short lived while encouragement is intrinsically motivating, in other words it leads children to do something because they work for themselves and not just to please others.

In any year there are up to three composite classes in St Peter’s, for example P3/4.   This has always been a natural part of life for us and is accepted by all in our school.

Since September 2009 we have followed the direction of the Department of Education and do not ‘tutor’ for unregulated entrance tests for Grammar schools.  In the past we had an excellent pass rate in the 11+. If such tests become statutory again we will of course comply. Parents, these are two issues you may wish to consider before choosing this school and I fully accept if you decide that St Peter’s is not the school for your child.

When inspected by the Department of Education we were deemed as being outstanding.  This was across the board, in learning and teaching, in the provision for Special Needs, in Pastoral Care and in Leadership and Management. While it is good to be affirmed, the only people we are answerable to are past pupils. Speak to them if you wish to know about St Peter’s.

St Peter told us ‘Always be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you and to have a strong voice to stand up for what you believe in!’  This is our hope for your children and in good faith we will endeavour to do our best for them.

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