We at St Peter’s will not tolerate bullying under any circumstances. It is contrary to our values and principles and will be dealt with in a sensitive and appropriate manner. The Department of Education defines bullying as;

‘…deliberately hurtful behaviour, repeated over time, where it may be difficult for the victim to defend him or herself.’

Bullying is a highly damaging and distressing form of abuse and is not tolerated in our school. Teaching and ancillary staff are vigilant at all times to the possibility of bullying occurring and will take immediate steps to stop it happening. We constantly encourage our pupils to speak to any member of staff.


We cannot do anything about bullying unless we know that it is occurring.  It is our priority in St Peter’s to provide an environment which:

Provides challenges and is non-threatening
Encourages children to feel secure, values children’s opinions and involves them in determining classroom rules
Shows an awareness of children’s individual needs and makes an effort to meet these.

Responsibilities of the Parent and symptoms of bullying; Parents should be vigilant against the following signs; becoming withdrawn, avoiding certain activities, loss of confidence, bursting into tears for no apparent reason, seeking reasons for not attending school, or playing truant, loss of possessions e.g, pencils, books, being continually in need of money, asking to sit beside someone else.

These signs do not necessarily indicate bullying, but if repeated, or occurring in combination, they should be investigated and drawn to the attention of the class teacher.

If you have a suspicion that your child is being bullied, you should talk with your child’s teacher. Be sure also to talk with your child and help them to understand these important points:

Being bullied is not their fault.
They don’t have to face bullies on their own.
They can, with help, let bullies know that they are not afraid, and that they are determined to see that the bullying will stop.
There are adults in the school who can help.
They should never try to deal with things on their own or resort to using violence against the bullies.

Responsibilities of St Peter’sScreen Shot 2014-10-20 at 20.17.03

We will help children to understand;

That they have a right not to be bullied at school
That it is the bully that has the problem, not they
That they are not alone that they need to speak out
That they can trust all staff that they have a personal responsibility to tell.

To reduce and eradicate bullying, the school will take the following steps;

Foster in our pupils self-esteem, self respect and respect for others
Demonstrate by example the high standards of personal and social behaviour we expect in our pupils
Discuss bullying as part of our pastoral care programme so that every pupil learns about the damage it causes to the victim and the bully.
Make all staff aware, particularly ancillary staff of signs or symptoms of bullying and remind them to be vigilant at all times.
Report suspected cases of bullying to the class teacher, to Mrs Burns or to Mrs Morgan who then will bring it to the attention of Mr Campbell.
Follow up any complaint by a parent about bullying then report back fully and promptly on the action that has been taken.
Periodically have bullying awareness month as part of our ongoing pastoral care themes. (this may involve the use of actors from outside agencies.)
Listen to the children, take what they say seriously and act to support and protect them.
Display anti-bullying posters around the school. (Have an annual ‘Anti-Bullying’ week.)
Use circle time to promote opportunities for discussion on the subject

Steps that will be taken if bullying is reported

If the school receives information that bullying may be occurring, the following steps will be taken;

If it is a first offence, the allegation will be brought to the attention of the Principal
Depending on the situation, the child may be warned, given a sanction and/or parents may be contacted.
If it is a second offence, parents will be contacted and appropriate action will be taken which takes into consideration the severity of the bullying.
Please note our anti-bullying policy is available in the ABOUT tab, under SCHOOL POLICIES

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