Online Wellbeing with BBC ‘Own it’ app

Just this week, the BBC launched a new app which aims to contribute to the wellbeing of young people. It’s called ‘Own It’, and it encourages children to stop and think before they hit the SEND button.

The app keyboard monitors how they interact with friends and family online, and uses artificial intelligence to try and gauge how a child is feeling.

These short videos show how the app works, what it’s all about, and how easy it is to set up on your child’s device.

‘Own It’ gives children support when they need it and gives tips for tricky situations.

Once installed, the face emoji (above the keyboard) matches a child’s words to an emotion.  For example, if they type something angry, it will change to an angry face.  Or if they type something that shows love, it will change to a heart face.  By tapping on the face, it will give children extra advice, if needed.

It’s very easy to set up on your child’s device.  The image below shows some screenshots of the set up and content that we found within the app.

The Own It app provides a helping hand to support your child’s wellbeing, shows them how to make smarter choices and helps them grow into confident, positive and happy digital citizens.

Follow these links to download the Own It app from the Apple store for Apple devices, or from the Google Play Store for android devices.  You can find out more information on the CBBC Newsround page.

If you only do one thing this weekend, download this app on your child’s device!

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