World Day of Action: Power Down Day

As part of ongoing Eco-School initiatives, St. Peter's will take part in World Day of Action: Power Down Day on Thursday, March 1st 2018. The Eco-Committee have been busy preparing for their campaign; designing posters, displaying them all around the school and speaking to the children at assembly about how we should try to reduce our energy consumption.  Ideas include turning off lights in »»»

Recycling: It’s no WASTE of time!

Today, Lucinda Scott, from Newry, Mourne and Down District Council visited St. Peter's Primary School to deliver a programme aimed at helping the children to learn about the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' programme. Lucinda, who spoke to the children in Key Stage groups, provided lots of interesting information and practical activities, with a touch of recycling humour! Foundation and Key Stage »»»

Energy Efficiency Education

On Tuesday 21st February, the Primary Six and Seven classes were invited to take part in Bryson Energy’s Energy Efficiency Education Programme, delivered by Elaine Brownlee. To begin, the group discussed their ideas for a definition of  ‘energy’.  Elaine explained how humans need energy, vehicles need energy, and lots of everyday items in our homes and school need energy, too.  The »»»
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Recycling: No Waste of Time

Patrick McShane from Newry, Mourne and Down District Council visited with the children of St. Peter's on Wednesday 9th of March 2016, to talk about the importance of recycling. Patrick read a story, played a video and presented a PowerPoint to classes from P1 – P7. He showed us all the different ways we can recycle and explained why this is so important for our environment. Patrick »»»
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First Outing for Newly Appointed Eco-Committee

St. Peter's Eco-Committee held an assembly on Monday 25th January, in an effort to recruit new members to their team.  The children presented a PowerPoint to P4, P5, P6 and P7, which explained the work in which the Eco-Committee are involved at school and within the local community.     To become part of the Eco-Committee, the children were told about a competition in »»»
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Eco-Committee Show School Spirit and Green Fingers

By the end of September, our school Eco-garden was bulging with home-grown vegetables, so the Eco-Committee decided to get digging! Whilst tasting the goodies that were grown, the children talked about what to do next and quickly decided to make delicious potato wedges.  Without delay, the Eco-Committee got busy washing, peeling and shaping the potatoes into chunky slices.  The children »»»
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Eco-Committee visit the Balmoral Show

On Friday,  St. Peter's Eco-Committee, along with their teacher Miss Carlin, visited the Balmoral Show. The outing followed a kind invitation from Rachel McComb, Derrymore Inter-Schools Allotment Project, with whom they have been working closely over the past few months. The Eco-Committee had a great educational and fun day out. They had the opportunity to gain a better understanding about »»»
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Eco-Committee Tumble the Tumbler

Today, members of the Eco-Committee met with Mr Michael McElroy to put a start on another Eco-Initiative at St. Peter's; to install a compost bin in the grounds of the school. The committee chatted with Mr McElroy about the composting needs of the school, and found answers to  questions such as; - How much waste will we be adding and how often? - Will we include compost food »»»
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