Safer Internet Day 2019

SAFER INTERNET DAY 2019 - TOGETHER FOR A BETTER INTERNET 2 quick questions to think about... Does your child love watching YouTube videos of unboxing and playing with toys??   Does your child treat YouTube as an alternative to traditional children's TV?? If you answered 'yes' to either (or both) of the questions, then all we can tell you is that your child represents a pretty typical »»»

Stop Speak Support

Once your child goes online, their chances of finding themselves talking with people who will purposely hurt and upset them is, sadly, quite high.  This year's Anti-Cyberbullying message is Stop, Speak, Support. So what can you do at home to raise a conversation about cyberbullying? Using information from you'll find a set of support steps that you can use, if and »»»

Surfing Safety with the Sixes

On Thursday 26th October, Primary Six had a visit from Eleanor (REIM Training Solutions), who came to provide a workshop on The Fundamentals of Internet Safety. To begin, the children got together in small groups and came up with a list of websites and apps that that they most commonly use. The lists were long and varied, including; gaming, social media and messaging platforms.  The »»»
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Child Safety Concern: Snapchat Snap Maps

Snapchat is one app that children at school have knowledge of, or are using on their tablets and devices.  Although the age limit for Snapchat is 13, some Primary School children know and use the app, with or without their parents' knowledge.  This week, an update to Snapchat that shows publicly posted images on a searchable map has raised safety concerns among parents across the UK. Snap Map »»»
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