Assisted Digital Support for Online Applications

Are you having trouble submitting your application for a pre-school or primary place using the online portal? Parents/Guardians of children applying for a pre-school or primary place, please note: The EA recognises the need to provide Assisted Digital Support for some parents/guardians who want to apply online for a pre-school or primary place.  If you have tried to submit an online »»»

iOS 12 Parental Controls – Screen Time

Setting Parental Controls on children's devices is always an area of concern.  If you've been reading about the new iOS 12 Apple update, then you might be interested to try out one of the new features called Screen Time, which is available across all Apple devices. Screen Time lets you see several useful bits of information; exactly how much time your children spend on their phones and »»»

End of Year Parent Questionnaire

Parents, The month is literally running away on me and despite everything you have done for us this term I do have one more favour to ask. You'll find a link below to a Questionnaire which I ask you to complete. We are at the end of the cycle for our School Development Plan and in order to begin a new one which will run for the next three years I need to consult with all ‘stakeholders’, »»»

Back To School Survival Tips

Already the first day of school has come and gone.  After all the preparation, now is the time to fine tune some things that will make school life easier for you and for your child. UNIFORM:  New uniforms need labels!  Having personal items labelled will make it easier for your child (and their classroom adults) to find belongings; jumpers, coats, even school bags and lunch boxes.  Whether »»»

Healthy Snack Ideas

At St. Peter’s, we promote a healthy snack, in keeping with the Department of Education Guidelines. Why is a healthy break important at St. Peter’s? -  Childhood is an important time to establish good eating and drinking habits for future health. -  Lessons provided at school about healthy eating give pupils the knowledge and opportunity to make healthier choices. -  It has »»»

Internet Safety Workshop for Parents

Parents and guardians of children at St. Peter's are invited to an Internet Safety Workshop this coming week, delivered by REIM Training Solutions. Using your own iPad/laptop/android device, you will be shown how to use the safety settings and much more.  It is a chance to ask questions, learn how to use the internet safely and, more importantly, how to keep your child safe online. In the »»»
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