World Day of Action: Power Down Day

As part of ongoing Eco-School initiatives, St. Peter’s will take part in World Day of Action: Power Down Day on Thursday, March 1st 2018.

The Eco-Committee have been busy preparing for their campaign; designing posters, displaying them all around the school and speaking to the children at assembly about how we should try to reduce our energy consumption.  Ideas include turning off lights in the corridors, resource areas and classrooms, and not using the computer and interactive whiteboard for the whole day.  The Eco-Committee even challenged staff to bring in a packed lunch and avoid using the microwave or cooker on that day.

Each day this week, the Eco-Committee will take readings of our energy consumption and will use these readings to calculate our average daily energy usage – we’re aiming to save lots of energy on Power Down Day.

The Eco-Committee would also like to encourage friends and families of St. Peter’s to get involved and have a ‘Computer Detox’ on Thursday evening.  We would love to see examples of children, staff and parents relaxing without a device!  Tweet your photos to @stpps66 with #stppsECO

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