Safer Internet Day 2019


2 quick questions to think about…

Does your child love watching YouTube videos of unboxing and playing with toys??  

Does your child treat YouTube as an alternative to traditional children’s TV??

If you answered ‘yes’ to either (or both) of the questions, then all we can tell you is that your child represents a pretty typical experience of online activity in 2019.  “What is unboxing?” we hear you ask.  Unboxing is a video, uploaded to YouTube, which features children opening and playing with their new toys.  And, just in case you’ve missed out, here’s one example… (we don’t advise you watch the entire video!)

Now, in a previous post, we wrote about the YouTube Kids App and how it could be a better alternative to the basic YouTube app, especially for younger children.  But, truth be told, many parents continue to hand over their devices to young children to watch the latest episode of ‘that cartoon’ or ‘that movie clip’ or just for a few minutes’ peace.  How do we know?  Today in P1, we showed the children some images that they might know and asked them to name them.  At least 90% of kids knew this one image more than any other…

And so, with tomorrow being Safer Internet Day 2019, we thought we’d share a great video by CommonSenseMedia, highlighting 5 ways to make YouTube safer for your children.  If you do one thing for your child tomorrow, please, watch this.

CommonSenseMedia have a super website with information about age ratings and appropriateness of books, movies and TV shows, games and apps, and advice for parents.

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Great advice to keep our kids safe when online… We protect our kids from the rain, surely this is more important!!! Take 5 mins and make sure your child is safe. Thanks for sharing.

by Amanda Crozier on February 4, 2019 at 6:59 pm #

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