DSC_2599In our school mission statement we emphasise that we want to ‘provide a caring environment within which our children can grow in confidence’. We also place great importance on self discipline and aim to nurture self- esteem.  In Key Stage 2, as well as providing the necessary academic programme to educate our children, there is a great emphasis on giving children opportunities to develop and excel in other ways e.g. through the arts and sport.

Children have already been developing their physical skills in the Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1, and in Key Stage 2 they are ready for a wider and more complex range of activities. This includes individual and team/group participation.

DSC_1449 They participate in;

·     Swimming (new in Key Stage 2 – lessons & galas)

·     Games (involvement in leagues and school blitzes)

·     Athletics

·     Gymnastics  – displays for school

·     Dance- themed days with guest dancers


As part of the music curriculum children are involved in;

·     Learning a musical instrument

·     Choir

·     Performing at school events e.g. assemblies, masses and shows

By the end of Key Stage 2 the children are given the opportunity to use their skills through the P7 end of year mass,  show and the unforgettable P7 residential trip.

 The children leave us well equipped to face the future with lots of happy memories.

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