iOS 12 Parental Controls – Screen Time

Setting Parental Controls on children’s devices is always an area of concern.  If you’ve been reading about the new iOS 12 Apple update, then you might be interested to try out one of the new features called Screen Time, which is available across all Apple devices.

Screen Time lets you see several useful bits of information;

  • exactly how much time your children spend on their phones and tablets,
  • the times of day they’re most active, and
  • which apps they use the most.

A recent article from, exploring the features of this new update, encourages parents to continue guidance and ongoing conversations, in addition to any parental control system.

So how does Screen Time work?

Screen time lets you;

  • set app time limits
  • filter inappropriate content
  • schedule ‘down time’ (basically, shut down your device)

You can set up Screen Time to manage your kid’s device remotely (using Family Sharing) or you can simply use your child’s phone to enable screen limits (which you can password-protect) and review your child’s device use together.

We found a great video exploring all the features of Screen Time and what they look like in action. Credit:


So what are you waiting for?  Download the new iOS 12 software on your Apple devices and begin by talking to your child about their screen usage.

After the software update, you’ll find the Screen Time function in the left panel under Settings.

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