Green Fingers and Coffee Grounds

While chatting with Dovydas (P7) during yard duty, we were talking about the new tyres in the P1 outside area.  He had noticed the pansies that had been planted there and remarked that he and his mum are quite keen gardeners.  I told him of my concern that some cats who frequent the school grounds may come and dig up the pansies, thinking of the tyres as their own personal litter tray.

Dovydas had the best idea!

He told me that cats don’t like the smell of coffee grounds, and will stay away from the smell, when scattered in a garden area.  So, with the help of Eco-Committee member Sinead (P7), he came to visit the P1 classroom today to lay some coffee grounds around our pansies.  Sinead and Dovydas will visit P1 tomorrow, to explain to the children what they have been doing.  Dovydas’ mum also told us that she has a daisy plant, ready to split and replant, and so we will soon have something new for our tyre garden.

Ačiū, Døvydas ir Sinead!  Thank you Dovydas and Sinead!

Puiki idėja – A great idea!

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Brilliant idea, a super top tip Dovydas. I will definitely be using that idea in my own garden!

by Nicola Matthews on September 18, 2018 at 10:28 pm #

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