A Healthy Break

schoolmealsSt Peter’s recognises that good attitudes towards food are established in childhood, as eating habits developed at this stage are carried out throughout life. Milk is available to pupils from P1 – P4 and milk money is paid on the first week of each new term. It is free to all nursery pupils.

The most suitable drinks are water, fruit juice and diluted juice. (Fizzy drinks are not permitted)  The most suitable foods are fruit, yoghurts, cream crackers, bread and plain biscuits. (Crisps are permitted from P5 onwards)

Lunchtime Arrangements

– Lunchtime for P1–P4 lasts from noon until 12.45pm
Lunchtime for P5–P7 lasts from 12.45pm until 1.30pm
Children have three options; school dinners, packed lunch, or going home.
School dinners consist of a hot meal with a varied choice, a ‘hand held’ dessert and a drink of water or milk. (School dinners are recommended in that they are value for money and that it is good for children to eat socially)
For those who take lunch, healthy eating is encouraged and we would ask that NO glass bottles be given to children for lunchtime.
If you wish your child to go home for lunch, a signed note is required.

Dining Hall Rules


Foundation / Key Stage 1
Pupils are brought to dining hall by an adult, usually the class teacher or classroom assistant. While absolute silence is not required, pupils are expected to behave in an orderly manner. Pupils are served their dinner and are expected to remain seated until after prayer when they are dismissed for playtime.

Key Stage 2
Pupils are lined up outside the dining hall by their class teacher. They are then admitted to the hall class by class where they must sit in silence until Grace before Meals has been said. After Grace the children are allowed to speak quietly to the pupils at their dining table. These students serve themselves and are expected to clear their place before leaving the hall.

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