To ensure the smooth running of our school, we have six school rules. It is essential that parents are aware of these rules and co-operate with us in their application.

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The following points are the rules of our school:

1.  Children should arrive on time each morning and be ready to start at 9am.

2.   Inside our school building, pupils must WALK at all times.

3.  Children should respect and obey the instructions of ALL ADULTS associated with our school e.g. teachers, classroom assistants, secretary, dinner ladies and ancillary staff.

4. Pupils should show care and respect for their own property, the property of others and the school environment.

5.  Pupils should put their litter in the bins provided.

6.  Pupils should show respect towards all others, in particular to their classmates and to those younger than them. Foul language and any form of aggression is not accepted in St Peter’s.

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