Surfing Safety with the Sixes

On Thursday 26th October, Primary Six had a visit from Eleanor (REIM Training Solutions), who came to provide a workshop on The Fundamentals of Internet Safety.

To begin, the children got together in small groups and came up with a list of websites and apps that that they most commonly use.

The lists were long and varied, including; gaming, social media and messaging platforms.  The discussion which followed highlighted the benefits but more importantly some dangers that can arise – such as seeing inappropriate content and coming into contact with strangers online.

Eleanor encouraged the children to suggest ways in which they could keep as safe as possible while using these sites and apps.  The first way was to be very careful of sharing of personal information and to remember that once it goes online, it can be very difficult to delete it fully.

The children were surprised to learn that the minimum age for users of social media accounts is 13, and, depending on the age that the account is set up for, advertising and content can often be inappropriate for someone who is pretending to be older than they actually are, just to have an account – so parents beware!

Eleanor reminded the children how important it is that adults keep a close eye on the online activity of young people, not because adults are nosey, but because they have a duty to keep their children safe!

After watching a video in which a young girl had begun chatting with someone online, Eleanor helped the children to identify much of the personal information that had been acquired by the online stranger through seemingly innocent questions.

The children explored ‘Red Flag Questions’.  These are questions that directly ask for personal information and shouldn’t be given out under any circumstances. Eleanor provided three important words to help the children remember what to do when asked a Red Flag Question:

STOP (talking to them / about that)

BLOCK  and


Finally, Eleanor asked the children to suggest some adults with whom they could share their concerns about online issues.  The children suggested; parents, aunts, uncles, and adults from school.

Eleanor is going to return in a few weeks with a follow on workshop around another aspect of Internet Safety with Primary Six, and we look forward to her return.  PARENTS; we ask you to talk with your children about Red Flag Questions  and continue to reinforce at home: STOP, BLOCK and TELL.

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Stop, Block and Tell…. Parents please repeat and pupils please listen….

by John Campbell on November 7, 2017 at 10:41 pm #

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